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About Mustela

Central to Our Strategy

About Mustela

Central to Our Strategy

We attach a great deal of importance to research and innovation.

Our Centre for Innovation Research and Development in Épernon (Eure-et-Loir) south of Paris is where nearly 50 specialist chemists, pharmacists, doctors, biologists and engineers work together on developing original formulas and new active ingredients.

We have renowned expertise in the cutaneous barrier and in the connective tissue development mechanism. Expanscience Laboratories also has recognised expertise in plant extraction processes.

Numerous partnerships with renowned teams, together with research collaborations with institutions in France (INSERM, CNRS, hospitals, etc.) and at international level serve as opportunities for further developing our knowledge of the specific features of skin in pregnant women and children, of the inflammatory phase in acne and of metabolic dysfunctions in cartilage that can lead to osteoarthritis.

Expanscience’s knowledge, creativity and innovation are showcased by international publications and patents.  To date, 1,037 patent applications have been filed by throughout the world*.

Strict Requirements

Since most of our products are intended for use by sensitive consumer targets (pregnant women, children, people with delicate skin), the products we design are subject to extremely rigourous requirements.

A Safety, Quality, Efficacy division is tasked with ensuring that the raw materials used are of high quality (active ingredients or excipients) and guarantees the compliance of the finished products with regulations, as well as introducing the company’s own criteria.

Efficacy Formulas

Safety: Extremely High Standards
A complete battery of tests and checks are carried out during development, during the design phase and then once the products have gone on sale.
Quality: Strict Specifications

Right from when the raw materials are selected through to the manufacturing phases and the marketing of the finished product, traceability and compliance with requirements are essential.

Efficacy: A Genuine Requirement

Various observational, biometrological and clinical tests are carried out in order to assess products’ efficacy.

Well-established expertise

Expanscience Laboratories have been developing innovative, safe and effective plant-based active cosmetic ingredients for more than 40 years.

Using various plant-based raw materials – such as seeds, leaves and fruit – our researchers identify, extract, purify and then analyze the active ingredients, without damaging biodiversity.

The scientific application of these active ingredients has led to the development of high-quality products that are natural, high-tolerance and clinically effective.

Our expertise in lipid chemistry and molecular distillation has helped establish us as the world’s leading manufacturer of avocado and soya unsaponifiables. These active ingredients are used in the manufacture of Piasclédine 300, a medicine that is used to treat the symptoms of osteoarthritis the efficacy of which is recognized throughout the world. It is also France’s* leading slow-acting anti-arthritics medicine.

A French Company with International Influence